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Hi, I'm Angela

I help business owners and entrepreneurs reach their growth goals by creating winning business and strategic partner programs.

About Angela

I’m Angela, a passionate business strategist with over two decades of healthcare technology and practice management experience. I focus on creating winning go-to-market strategies and forging valuable partnerships to help businesses achieve impressive results. Let’s work together to improve your performance, reinvent your brand, and take your business to unprecedented heights!

My Services

Growth / Planning

Help businesses to create and execute plans to reach their goals, taking into account their strengths and weaknesses, as well as market opportunities, in order to create a winning strategy.

Strategic Partnerships

Design and refine partnership programs and strategic alliances to help organizations accelerate their results. Assist with the implementation, identification of partners, and program maintenance.

Exit Planning

Guide business owners towards a smooth and profitable exit. By assessing the business, optimizing it, creating, and executing an ideal exit plan, the owner's value should be maximized.

Get Results Faster

Your business matters and whether you are stagnate or growing, I’ll help you create the ideal combination of planning and execution to achieve results faster. 

My Top Values


Being authentic, trustworthy or genuine.


Lifelong learning, personal and business development and self evolution.


Connecting with people to create lasting bonds.


Making a strong, positive and immediate impression.


Lack of complexities in life and in tasks.


Are you ready to create your future?

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